About Us

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Mississippi Valley Library District (hereafter “Library”) is to provide materials and services to meet the personal, intellectual, educational and recreational needs and interests of the members of the community. In order to fulfill this purpose, the Library will assemble, organize, preserve and make easily and readily accessible to all people a variety of materials. The Library functions as a center for community activities, meetings and programs which provides the opportunity for members of the community to experience personal enrichment and furtherance of knowledge. (Reviewed and Approved, 9/18/2017)

Beginning as the Collinsville Memorial Public Library in 1915 at 408 West Main Street in Collinsville, Illinois, the Library was an arm of the City of Collinsville. In 2004 the Collinsville Library with acceptance from the City of Collinsville converted into a Library District separating itself legally from the City of Collinsville and changing its name to the Mississippi Valley Library District. In 2006 the Library District asked the voters to expand its boundaries to include all of Fairmont City and all of the Unit 10 School District that was not in any other library district. The result was a favorable vote for all areas.

The Mississippi Valley Library District now has two centers to serve its 34,362 members - the Collinsville Memorial Library Center and the Fairmont City Library Center.