Governance Documents

General Governance

MVLD Audit FY2021
MVLD Mission Statement As Of September 2017
MVLD Policy Manual as of July 2022

Planning Documents

Planning 2010-2020 adobe
MVLD Risk Management Plan As Of September 2017
Trustee Orientation Plan

2022-2023 Board Ordinances and Resolutions

2021-2022 Board Ordinances and Resolutions


2020-2021 Board Ordinances and Resolutions

FY2021 Budget & Appropriations Ordinance
FY2021 Building and Maintenance Ordinance
FY2021 Tax Levy Ordinance with Certifications
Meeting Dates 2020-2021
Resolution 21-01 to Determine Estimate of Funds Needed
Resolution 21-02 to Establish Purpose and Use of Gift Fund
Resolution 21-03 Support for Fairmont City TIF 1 and 2 Extentions, Revised
Ordinance 21-04 Meeting Dates Time Locations for FY2022

2019-2020 Ordinances

Meeting Dates adobe Approved at the June 17, 2019 Board Meeting
Ordinance 20-02 Budget and Appropriations
Ordinance 20-03 Building and Maintenance
Ordinance 20-04 Levy Ordinance

2018-2019 Ordinances

Annual Receipts Disbursements adobe
Ordinance No. 19-02 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance
Ordinance No. 19-03 Tax Levy Ordinance
Meeting Dates adobe
Prevailing Wage adobe
Illinois Department of Labor, Current Prevailing Wage Rates