Governance Documents

General Governance

MVLD Audit FY2022
MVLD Mission Statement As Of September 2017
MVLD Notice of TITA Public Hearing for Tax Year 2022
MVLD Policy Manual as of February 2023

Planning Documents

Planning 2010-2020 adobe
MVLD Risk Management Plan As Of September 2017
Trustee Orientation Plan

2022-2023 Board Ordinances and Resolutions

2021-2022 Board Ordinances and Resolutions


2020-2021 Board Ordinances and Resolutions

FY2021 Budget & Appropriations Ordinance
FY2021 Building and Maintenance Ordinance
FY2021 Tax Levy Ordinance with Certifications
Meeting Dates 2020-2021
Resolution 21-01 to Determine Estimate of Funds Needed
Resolution 21-02 to Establish Purpose and Use of Gift Fund
Resolution 21-03 Support for Fairmont City TIF 1 and 2 Extentions, Revised
Ordinance 21-04 Meeting Dates Time Locations for FY2022

2019-2020 Ordinances

Meeting Dates adobe Approved at the June 17, 2019 Board Meeting
Ordinance 20-02 Budget and Appropriations
Ordinance 20-03 Building and Maintenance
Ordinance 20-04 Levy Ordinance

2018-2019 Ordinances

Annual Receipts Disbursements adobe
Ordinance No. 19-02 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance
Ordinance No. 19-03 Tax Levy Ordinance
Meeting Dates adobe
Prevailing Wage adobe
Illinois Department of Labor, Current Prevailing Wage Rates