Blum Cowbells

Blum Cowbells
How to Recognize a Blum Cowbell
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3 of Blum's Famous Cowbells in Great ConditionThe Band Rich and Gene Krupa using a Blum CowbelThe bell shop 1910? J. H. Blum Sr., is far right A Flyer and Price List for the Cowbells1937 -  J. H. Blum (right), in bell shop with reporter from Sheet Metal WorkerBlum HouseThe Blum House was donated in 2000 to the Board of Trustees of the Collinsville Memorial Library by the Collinsville Savings & LoanThe Blum House With its Christmas LightsA Yellow Kentucky Blum Cowbell LabelA Letter From a Very Satisfied CustomerA Green Kentucky Blum Cowbell LabelThe Drummist, Buddy Rich, Using a Blum CowbellA Hoosier Belle; Marked with a Yellow LabelAn Underside View of a Blum CowbellA Side View of a Blum CowbellA Jersey Bell, Made by Blum MFG CoJ.H. (Bud) Blum (1937)Patent CertificatePatent Drawing of Blum CowbellJersey Bell Price List FlyerThe Star Label was Used by a Large Hardware Firm in Chicago -- Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.