Youth @ the Library is a special incentive program at the library just for youth in grades 5-12. Earn points that can be spent on rewards just by visiting the library, checking out items, and attending programs! 

Earn Points
1 pt - Visit the Library
1 pt - Checkout 
1 pt - Volunteer (15 mins) 
3 pt - Attend a program
Spend Points 
1 pt - $1 off overdue fine
1 pt - Replacement library card
1 pt - Book Nook item
20 pt - Various prizes
50 pt - Fairmont City Lock In Admission

Youth Programs
VR Club - The 1st Tuesday each month (5pm Fairmont Ctiy, 6:30pm Collinsville) 
Graphic Novel Club - The 2nd Tuesday each month (6:30pm Collinsville)
Green Teens - The 3rd Tuesday each month (6:30pm Collinsville)
Super Fight Card Game Night - the 4th Tuesday each month (5pm Fairmont Ctiy, 6:30pm Collinsville) 

Check our event calendars or Facebook pages for more great youth events!